Kijun Goudo

Standard limited liability company

Chapter 1

[Trade name]

Article 1
The Company shall be called Standard Limited Liability Company, and shall be indicated as STANDARD LLC in English.

【the purpose】

Article 2

The purpose of the Company is to operate the following businesses. 1. Management consultant

2. Operate a business related to brokerage, import and export of secondhand goods based on the Secondhand Articles Dealer Law

3. Import and export clothing

4. Conducting market research on the purchase and sale of the above products
5. Planning, researching, developing, designing, manufacturing,Sales, maintenance, leasing, leasing, import/export, and related consulting services
6. Planning, production, sales, distribution,Operation and management.
7. Image information processing technology, system technology Network technology, 3D design using computer technology, etc. Planning, editing, and various information such as websites and media production, processing, operation and sales.
8. Perform translation work
9. Restaurant management

10. Any business incidental to the preceding items

[Location of head office]
Article 3
The head office of the Company shall be located in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.

[Method of public notice]

Article 4
Public notices of the Company shall be made by publication in official gazettes.

Chapter 2

Employee and investment

[Limited Liability]

Article 5
All members of the Company shall be members with limited liability.

[Name, Address, Investment and Responsibilities of Employees]

Article 6

The names, addresses, capital contributions and responsibilities of members are as follows:
402 Onuma 2nd Building, 45-7 Oyama Higashimachi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Harun MD Osman
Limited Liability Partner
standard limited liability company

Chapter 3

Business execution and company representative